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Michael Braman

I am running for Jr. Vice Commander for the Department this upcoming year. I hold the office of senior Vice Commander at Post 3519 in Knoxville. Also, I am the service officer for the Post. In which I attend the VA CBOCC every Tuesday and Friday and talk to veterans. I took over the youth scholarships this year at Post 3519. I have been in the High School and have gave classes to students on 9-11 and talked to them about the Voice of Democracy. We have a voice of democracy, patriots pen, teacher of the year, and a police officer for a post this year. I have also gained sponsors/co-partners around town for our Ruck for Vets Event I started last Year. Before I started this we only had 300.00 in our relief fund. We have raised 6,000. Each year for our relief fund to go towards helping our veterans in need in our local community.

I serve as the Senior Vice Commander for the 5th District. Also, I am the Post Development and Revitalization Chairman for the department. Already this year I have reached out to several posts, and Districts to let them know I am here for any kind of assistance they might need to help there post grow or if need be merge with other posts.

For the ones that don’t know me here is a little about myself. I am a retired Sergeant First Class. I was both regular army and finished my career with the Iowa National Guard. I have been on several deployments they included Bosnia, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. I have been to several different schools. Which include Quartermaster School, Jungle Warfare Course, PLDC, BNOCC, ANOCC. I have held several leadership roles in my military Career. They Include Weapons team Leader, Fire Team Leader, Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and Training NCO. I have overseen many Recruiting Events around the State which includes running a shift at the Iowa State Fair Display, Newton Speedway, and many others. In my Civilian Life I was a Supervisor at Gits Mfg. in Creston for 7 years. Also, I am a National Certified Peer Support Specialist at the VA Central Iowa Health Care. I gave classes to veterans going through the domiciliary on recovery for substance abuse and PTSD, and other mental health issues. I have Coached High School Football, Wrestling, and Track at East Union High School. I am on the Youth football board in Knoxville and Coach 5-6th Graders. I also Umpire a lot of the Baseball, and Softball games for Little League.

I think I can bring a lot to the Department. I can connect with our Younger Generation. Our Post has increased its members and we are getting the younger generation. I am motivated and dedicated in Helping Veterans. I have volunteered my time to help older veterans in my community by doing physical labor they can’t do anymore. I have mowed lawns, repaired items, and built a deck.

I believe I can Help our Department Grow in a positive way. My strengths include Trustworthy, Hard worker, Good Communication Skills, Organization, Detail Orientated, and Very approachable. I love training and gathering more information to help me strive to be a better person, leader, coach, father, husband, and most of all VFW member.

I believe moving forward Post Development and Revitalization is the most important for the VFW to survive. Our posts need to be active in their communities, work the programs such as Patriots Pen, Voice of Democracy. Be involved with the schools besides just doing opening ceremonies. Be a Veteran in a class room. Make the VFW events family oriented, by doing this we will gain members. People will want to join a organization doing great things for the community and I believe we can get the younger generation to join.

Everything starts at the post level. If you get a new member listen to them, they might have some good ideas. Let them run an event give them the assistance they need. Put them on a committee if they wish would get them involved that way, they will feel they are doing something and not just coming for a meeting once a month.

In closing retention will be huge to our posts. We hold allot of recruiting events to gain new members. However, what is your post doing to keep the members. I believe letters from the post leadership, summer cookouts, and winter or holiday get together are great ideas. The more comradery we have and making it family oriented will help keep our new members we gain. Thank you for your time, and I am sorry I can not be there today to say this in person. However, I am on an Ice fishing trip with my boy and father in law.

I am looking forward on your Vote for JR Vice Commander, I am also looking forward to working with you all in the future.


Michael Braman